Steven's Handyman Service,Inc. is owned and operated by Steven Muccillo, a fully licensed and insured general contractor specializing in multiple Home Repairs & Improvements. SHS has been successfully operating since 1988.

Whether your repair list is short or long, we remain committed to our customers until completion and we believe that no job is too small!

We pride ourselves in that we only take one job at a time and service only one customer at a time. When you view our extensive service list, you will understand our commitment to our customer's full satisfaction.

Steven's overall knowledge of this industry makes a clear statement that SHS can and will do the Job right the first time. We have the expertise, qualifications and track record. As we approach our 20th year of service we have never had a customer call us back to re-do a job!

Steven's Handyman Service can outline the scope of work and supervise all of the necessary trades to perform and complete your request list. Yet, SHS is competitively priced.    Remember, anyone can equip themselves with a tool box and call themselves a handyman!

Why choose
Steven's Handyman Service?
  1. No material markup to customer on T & M jobs.
  2. We do only one job at a time.
  3. We serve each customer until all the tasks are completed.
  4. No need to call another service company--"We are able to complete all of your tasks. One call does it all!
  5. We do not ask for any deposits prior to work beginning.
  6. No minimum charges.
  7. We have a daily "customer meeting to update and discuss the jobs at hand
  8. We do only quality work!
  9. Quality workmanship will preserve the value of your property!
Steven's Handyman Service charges on a Time and Materials Basis as follows: T & M - You are charged only for the actual time worked and the cost of materials purchased, or Steven's Handyman Services will charge on a Bid Basis as follows: BID - This is a firm quote on labor and materials for your job and will be the total amount you pay.

Hiring an undocumented worker or unlicensed and uninsured contractor to work on your property could possibly expose a homeowner to lawsuits. For instance, if someone is injured while on your property and they do not carry liability insurance, then you the homeowner could possibly be liable for their medical bills, if any are incurred, as a result of the injury. That's why this information should be verified before employing a company or individual to perform home improvements on your property.

Business and life are all about forming human bonds. We at Steven's Handyman Service have your best interests in mind and we ask that you keep ours in mind, as well. We are real people and have a passion for business and life. We are decent, kind and trustworthy.

Ultimately people do business with people they like!
We assure you that you will like doing business with Steven's Handyman Service,Inc.

REMEMBER... business is all about relationships!


 Testimonials - Testimonials - Testimonials

Dear Steven:  Thank you for being such a capable handyman!  It's so easy to find a handyman who can replace a light fixture or sand a board, but finding one capable of replacing dry rot in a door jam without replacing the entire door is quite a find.  We appreciated your staying with our projects until they were completed...even if we did seem to add something daily.  But, now our house is in good order and our investment is protected.  We'll call you the next time!                                                          Susan Wampler

Dear Steven:
Thanks for making our new home so beautiful! You are an amazing and talented man.  We
appreciate how well you took care of us!
Pam & Randy W.

Dear Steven:
This enclosed gift can not repay you for the hard work and dedication you put into our home improvement projects. We appreciate your time  and effort tremendously!
Thank You,
Idamae & William R.

Dear Steven: I am delighted at having the opportunity to go on your website and express my great appreciation for, and admiration of, the outstanding work that Steve performed in repairing and reconstructing my house in Laguna Beach. Over the course of a year, Steve spent hundreds of hours fixing and repairing just about every kind of problem you can imagine in an older home near the beach-- electrical, plumbing, the heating unit, rotted wood, replacing nearly all the windows and doors, and on and on. The characteristic about Steve and his work that really stands out in my mind is that Steve is a perfectionist in that he always makes sure that the end product is not "just okay" or "adequate, but that it is the very best that can be done. This applies not just to his personal work - he truly is a skilled craftsman carpenter-- but also when he locates and supervises third parties with special skills (such as the painter for my house and the company that built all the windows and doors being replaced in my house).

A second outstanding characteristic that really defines Steve is his willingness to jump in on very short notice in an emergency, such as when a broken drain pipe completely flooded the area under my house, destroying (beyond repair) my heating unit and hot water tank and damaging much of the wooden flooring. It was a dirty, messy scene, but Steve was there within 30 minutes.

And finally, Steve also is a tremendous resource for locating whatever you need to complete any home repair/reconstruction project. Steve does the research and presents you with multiple sources and choices in the quickest time possible.

In short, if you have any kind of problem at your home or business property - and I mean any problem, whether structural or cosmetic - you will be doing yourself a big favor by calling Steven's Handyman Service.
Jerry Kenny
Laguna Beach
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