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Service List

 Air Conditioning Installed

 Appliances Installed & Repaired

 Assembling Furniture or Product

 Awnings Installed or Removed

 Bath Tub Installs or Repairs

 Blinds & Drapes Installed with Rods


 Brick & Stone Repairs




 Cement Repairs

 Ceiling Repairs

 Ceiling Tiles Repairs & Installs

 Central Vacuum System Repairs

 Central Vacuum - New Installs

 Chandelier Hanging

 Child Proofing

 Counter Tops Repairs and Installs

 Crown Moldings

 Closet Unit Installs

 Deck Repairs

 Deck Cleaning

 Decks - New

 Doors - All types

 Dryer Vent Repairs

 Drywall Repairs

 Drywall - New

 Entertainment Systems Installed

 Fascia Board Repairs

 Fascia Board - New

 Finish Hardware Repairs or New - Installs 

 Fixture Repairs

 Fixture Installs - New


 Fencing Repairs or New Installs

 Filter Replacement Service



 Furniture Moving

 Garage Clean Ups

 Garage Doors, Floors & Cabinets

 Garbage Disposal Repairs or New Installs


 Glass Install & Replacement

 Grout Repairs

 Gutter Repairs, Cleaning or New Installs


 Handicapped Ramps & Grab Bars

 Hanging Services (Mirrors, Art, etc.)




 Landscape Lighting

 Leak Repairs

 Light Bulb Replacement Service

 Lighting - Hang all light Fixtures

 Lock Repairs & New Installs

 Mail Box Installs


 Ornamental Iron Repairs

 Ornamental Iron - New Installs



 Patios & Landscape Stone Installation & Repair

 Plaster Repair

 Porch Repairs

 Porch - New Installs

 Pressure Washing

 Roofing Repairs

 Screens - New Installs

 Screen Repairs

 Shelving Repairs or Installs

 Shutters Repairs or Installs

 Siding Repairs

 Siding - New Install

 Sidewalk & Step Repairs

 Shower Door Repairs

 Shower Door - New Installs

 Shower Unit Repairs

 Shower Unit - New Installs

 Sink Repairs

 Sink - New Installs

 Sliding Door Repairs

 Sliding Door - New Installs

 Smoke Detector Repairs

 Sprinkler Repairs

 Sump Pump Repairs

 Sump Pump - New Installs

 Sweeping & Cleaning

 Tile Repairs

 Tile - New Installs

 Toilet - Repairs

 Toilet - New Installs

 Towel Rack Repairs

 Towel Rack - Bathroom Accessories - New Install

 Trims and Molding Installs

 Vanity Replacement

 Vent Repairs or Add-ons


 Water Conditioning Repairs or - New Install

 Weather Stripping

 Window Repairs

 Window - New Installs

 Yard Cleanup & Maintenance

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